Elements Furniture

Simplicity of design with Nature’s Materials.

The Elements Furniture Collection is a range of contemporary furniture that combines Nature Squared’s beautiful, sustainable natural materials with luxury, artisanal craftsmanship. Sleek designs and clean lines allow the materials to shine, resulting in unique yet timeless pieces.

Comprising of 4 natural materials, in a range of patterns and colours offering 29 finish options to choose from, the collection includes mirrors, console tables, coffee tables and a side table.

For further information please contact Nick Gee.


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The focus of the Elements Furniture range is that the materials in this collection are all sustainably sourced and handcrafted.

Sourced from land and sea, it features four materials in a variety of patterns and colours to truly elevate the designs.


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Designed with Nature Squared’s unique materials in mind, these pieces are pared back to showcase the beautiful surfaces.

Clean lines and sleek edges make for a contemporary yet timeless collection.