We create artisan surfaces from a kaleidoscope of nature’s raw materials.

Some of the many materials, methods and applications of how designers and clients work with us is shown.

Natural Materials

Nothing designs as beautifully as nature.
We work with a vast range of natural materials with over a 1000 luxury surface and finish options. We show a small selection of our collection as a guide to what is available and categorise them under their raw material type, such as Leaves, Feathers, Seashell and Eggshell. These can be accessed via the Main Materials section.

Mother Nature's style.
Materials are designed not just for the project environment such as a restaurant or yacht, but also for the specific application be it a table top, shower wall, ceiling, or for a bespoke piece of artisan furniture. We marry the environmental and application needs, to provide the perfect surface finish as a solution to our client's design and specification.